Ricardo, Student, BISD

“I honestly don’t know what I would do with out Dancing Thru Life because I wasn’t really good at school.. I was smart but I wasn’t very good at math or reading, I just liked to read books, but even then I never saw myself as oh I want to be a police officer, or firefighter, but then when Dancing Thru Life gave me a choice to do something I never thought I would be doing for one, and two I really want to do this know, this is my calling card.

Jennifer, Student, BISD

“Well to start off, as a child, I would usually have insecurities, because I would be having a separation from my peers, and most of the time I wouldn’t talk to them, I wouldn’t interact with them, and I wouldn’t get the chance to connect with them. And when I found ballroom I found it as a chance to find a new way to actually interact and make new friends and looking back at it now, I didn’t know it would make such a big impact on my life, It would become such a strong feeling for me, like it’s a piece of me. It has not only opened me up, and made me not only more confident as a person, but it has changed my whole personality in general.

Javier, Student, BISD

“Well the way we interact with people, I didn’t know how to interact with women, how to be respectful to them and dancing has helped me grow as a person, how to treat them respectfully, and has encouraged me to maintain my grades at a high state.”